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    NCAARD develops arts and recreation programming and facilities in the New Concord

    Area, offering participatory and inclusive activities that engage, inspire, and educate.

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    Program Director

    position available

    New Concord Area Arts and Recreation District is looking for an energetic, organized and self-motivated individual for a part-time position as the NCAARD Program Director. If interested, please review the attached position description and send your resume and cover letter to Hallie Baker, NCAARD Board president at hallieb@muskingum.edu.

    NCAARD is an equal opportunity employer.


    Under the general direction of the New Concord Area Arts and Recreation District (NCAARD) Board, the Director performs a wide range of duties to insure the integrity, growth and development of the department, its programs, activities, facilities, and staff. Ideal candidates will be creative, enthusiastic, with a love for people of all ages and abilities. A cooperative relationship is to be maintained with local, civic, athletic and neighborhood associations and organizations as well as the Village of New Concord, East Muskingum School District, and Muskingum University.This position is created and sponsored by the NCAARD, although hired under the authority of New Concord Village Council. The position must be re-authorized annually by Village Council based on recommendations made by NCAARD and available funding. The position is classified as a part time position with a generous benefit package.

    Jobs, Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities

    * Is responsible for maintaining a master calendar of events with balanced offerings in Arts, Sports and Outdoor Pursuits.

    * Plans, organizes, coordinates, schedules, and oversees implementation of and assesses all programs, activities and special events, as well as developing policies and procedures which these will follow.

    * Oversees the maintenance of records, mailing lists, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations.

    * Trains, supervises, evaluates and provides any needed disciplinary measures for part-time staff, interns, and volunteers as outlined in the VNC Employee policy manual.

    * Maintains scheduled office hours.

    * Is responsible for the day-to-day operations of NCAARD, including responding in a timely manner to email and phone inquiries.

    * Works with the New Concord Area Pool staff on the programming and management of the New Concord Area Pool.

    * Works with Village to develop the pool budget.

    * Develops and maintains pool records including pool passes, attendance and related statistics.

    * Works with Pool Manager in developing pool programs.

    * Assists with pool-related promotions and publicity.

    * Is responsible for the public promotion and representation of NCAARD.

    * Oversees the production and dissemination of quarterly newsletter, news releases, pamphlets, and manuals.

    * Is the spokesperson for media requests.

    * Oversees the maintenance of the website.

    * Meets with each of the sponsoring entities as needed.

    * Works with the Board and Village Administrator in developing an annual budget and annual program goals.

    * Ensures the budget is followed and responsible for day to day finances.

    * Provides quarterly budget reports to the Board for their review.

    * Prepares and submits an annual report to the Board and designated stakeholders.

    * Prepares and presents written Director’s report at monthly NCAARD Board meetings.

    * Annually sets measurable performance objectives consistent with NCAARD Board and is regularly reviewed for progress supporting these objectives.

    * Works with members of the Board to delegate program responsibilities and other duties.

    Candidate Qualifications

    * Must have a commitment and passion to promoting arts, recreation and aquatics in the New Concord area.

    * Must have outstanding verbal and written communication skills.

    * Must have strong leadership abilities and self-motivation.

    * Must be proficient in marketing strategies with basic office computer skills.

    * Must have a solid understanding of budgeting.

    * Must have a demonstrated ability to initiate and complete tasks with limited supervision.

    * A two to four year degree and/or personal involvement in the area of sports, recreation or the arts is preferred.

    * Must pass an FBI Background Check prior to hire.

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    Dear NCAARD and NCAP Friends:

    As 2018 winds to an end, I find myself composing my last web page for NCAARD. I started this job 8 years ago when I was a stay-at- home Mom and substitute teacher. I knew a lot of people in East Muskingum Schools and, as a Villager, knew a lot of people in New Concord which made it easy to pick up the reins from the good folks who created the Arts and Recreation program. Throughout my tenure I met many, many more of you – probably my favorite part of the job.

    My children are 8 years older now and busy with their many activities. As chief cheerleader and chauffeur, I no longer have the time, or energy to devote to NCAARD. After much prayer and thought I decided it was time for another young, enthusiastic person to step up and make NCAARD even better. I’ve had the assistance of a fantastic Board of Directors whose diverse experience and creativity made it much easier to do my job. I know they will do the same for my successor.

    I’d like to thank you all for your patience, kindness and support. It’s been a terrific 8 years. I’ve enjoyed getting to spend time with you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honor of working with your children and the chance to help them grow into some pretty amazing young people.

    See you around!!

    Judy Beetem

    (740) - 826 - 2293 | 4 Comin Street, New Concord, OH 43762 | ncaard@newconcord-oh.gov