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    NCAARD develops arts and recreation programming and facilities in the New Concord

    Area, offering participatory and inclusive activities that engage, inspire, and educate.

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    Get ready for a fantastic fall season with NCAARD!

    We have programs for children and adults, and families as well.

    Please browse our pages and take a look at all the wonderful programs we're planning for you.

    All the K-2 Activity programs, Chinese Cooking, and Guitar lessons are starting in the next few weeks. Register today by selecting the "Regisitration" button at the top of this page.

    Be sure to register early to reserve your space!!"

    See you soon!

    ********* Keep up to date on new programs and weather cancellations on our Facebook page. You can find us under "New Concord Area Arts and Recreation." Be sure to "Like" NCAARD and "Share" us with your friends!



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    This summer the New Concord Area Pool was open for over 530 hours of open swim. We had a wonderful summer with many long, hot days. We sold 89 season passes. There were over 5,6000 visits to the pool and 23 parties. On the last weekend of August we paddled with 50+ dogs. We had 6 sensational Summer Safaris at the New Concord Reservoir, taught 4 songwriters, watched 3 outdoor movies and grooved to Blue Mercury after Mindy did our nails at the pool!! Faithful supporters helped out the pool at NiteCap for NCAP, Vine and Dine, and POUND for the pool!! Check out our photos by selecting the "Photo Albums" button at the top of this page.
    Your participation and support enables us to keep NCAARD and NCAP programs going.

    Thank You!!

    (740) - 826 - 2293 | 4 Comin Street, New Concord, OH 43762 | ncaard@newconcord-oh.gov