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    NCAARD develops arts and recreation programming and facilities in the New Concord

    Area, offering participatory and inclusive activities that engage, inspire, and educate.

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    The website has been updated and we're ready to go!

    POUND and Yoga will be starting now!!!

    Guitar, Ukulele, 23+Volleyball, and many of the after school programs start right after Martin Luther King Day during the week of January 19.

    New Classes including Essentials Oils! and new topics in our monthly Cooking Class!

    Take a few moments to check out the website. Be sure to explore our new calendar and take a look at our photo albums

    Here's to a great 2016!!

    ********* Keep up to date on new programs and weather cancellations on our Facebook page. You can find us under "New Concord Area Arts and Recreation." Be sure to "Like" NCAARD and "Share" us with your friends!



    It’s New Year’s Resolution time. Did you pick to lose a few extra pounds? To eat healthier? Get more exercise? Many of us at NCAARD have made the same resolution, and have done so for the past several (OK EVERY) years. Unlike last year, we aren’t going to go it alone – and we’d like to invite you to join in.

    We’re calling it the NCAARD Fitness Challenge – an easy, fun way to jumpstart your new year.

    We are working with a point system and a PRIVATE Facebook page so you can check in and encourage your challenge buddies as well as gain encouragement and inspiration yourselves. In addition our program leaders will be adding tips and motivation each week.

    It’s only $5 to join – people are usually more committed to a program if there’s a fee involved.

    We’ll celebrate at the end of the program with a special challenger event. Just email NCAARD at ncaard@newconcord-oh.gov and I’ll send you the information and add you to the Facebook Group. You can pay online at www.ncaard.org, mail your payment to NCAARD at 4 Comin Street, New Concord, OH 43762, or pay at one of NCAARD’s fitness classes.

    The Challenge officially starts on Monday, January 18. I’ll send you the information as soon as I hear from you so you can do a practice run before the 18th. You do not have to participate in NCAARD fitness programs to join, but we encourage you do because our YOGA and POUND classes are AWESOME!!!

    Can’t wait to get started!!!!!

    Judy Beetem

    NCAARD Program Director

    (740) - 826 - 2293 | 4 Comin Street, New Concord, OH 43762 | ncaard@newconcord-oh.gov